A Great Read

My friend, Les, asked me if I had a copy of Country Furniture by Aldren Watson.  I told him that I did not.  Apparently, Les had managed to wind up with two copies.  He offered me one, which I gladly accepted (as I live by the rule that no book should go homeless).  I’m certainly glad that I did.

The title is a bit misleading.  It’s about Country Furniture.  But, more importantly, it’s about what Country Furniture was made from and how Country Furniture was made in the days before electricity.


Mr. Watson was a renown American artist/illustrator.  He was the son of one of the founders of Watson-Guptill Publishing.  His illustrations and writing prove that he was, indeed, a very knowledgeable and skilled woodworker.




To learn more about Mr. Watson, his life and his work, visit the website, www.aldrenwatson.com.

If you follow Roy Underhill, if you love Eric Sloane, you’ll find this book a great read, chocked full of valuable information for the hand tool enthusiast.  A picture can say a thousand words.

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3 Comments on “A Great Read”

  1. Matt McGrane Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Aldren Watson and for a tip on Eric Sloane (I jsut also read your 2013 blog post about him). I think I’d like to read and view work by both of them. Gotta check the library.

  2. Brian Eve Says:

    That is a great read. I also really liked his book, ” Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings.”

  3. I also thank you for the reminder. I’ve had Country Furniture since 1974, but it has been many years since I looked at it. Now, I’m kicking myself, as I’ve been writing about the tools in a small museum’s collection, and should have been using the book as a reference.

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