A little more fancy axe work

I thought that everyone might enjoy seeing Roald and his associates doing a little more axework.  Here’s a video of them beveling a beam:

It’s quick, leaves a great surface and can be done where there’s no electricity or gasoline.  Roald tells me that the axe he is using is a replica of a medieval Norwegian type made by a local smith.  They are working in a manner that allows them to duplicate the tool marks found in Scandinavian stave churches.  This finished section of the beam was oval and it was used in a reconstructed house in Stiklestad.

Just in case you might think that these guys are working in the shop all day long, watch how Roald drops a tree right where he wants it.  Watch the entire 4 minutes and pay close attention to his technique.

Roald has a number of other videos on YouTube that are well worth watching.  And, I’m going to encourage him to put more videos up of the work they’re doing at the University.

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2 Comments on “A little more fancy axe work”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Oh man I wish I’d bought that hewing axe I saw last week…

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      There are plenty more out there, Matt.  Believe me.  Once I started letting friends, relations and associates know that I wanted to do a little research, they started turning up out of nowhere.  (Now, I must admit, I have bought a few.)  I must say, that if planing is therapy, working with an axe is “treatment x 2”.  And it’s just another way to build your skills.  Be sure to follow Roald.  You’ll have to do some translating, etc.  But it’s well worth the effort.


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