When you lose the muse

Looking back over 2017’s activity, I see that I posted only four times.  Four posts!  Not too long ago I’d post four times a week.  So what’s happened?  After nearly sixty years of woodworking have I had enough?  Has “the muse” deserted me?  Perhaps.  But I doubt it.

The last twelve months have included a fair amount of travel and a move.  Yes, a move.  Gone are the days of being confined in my “little shed”, tripping over lumber, blowing fuses, etc.  The new abode includes a 2 1/2 car garage that will become the shop.  Of course there’s a fair amount of preparatory work to be done; insulating, heating, painting (white, white, white).  Then there’ll be new tills and racks to build, getting the lighting just right, sorting through boxes.  All that has to be complete before I can start back to work on a number of projects that remain unfinished.

While attempting to relocate the muse, I have made a few notes to myself:

1.  Running out of room for furniture – Hmm – What to do?

2.  Explore some areas of the craft that you’ve been away from for a while.

3.  Share as much information about “trade” geometry as possible.

Wherever the road takes me…

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4 Comments on “When you lose the muse”

  1. Looking forward to more of your wisdom. I’m always a fan of working man’s geometry.

  2. Matt McGrane Says:

    Good to read you, Dennis. I’ve learned a lot from your writings.
    Does this mean you no longer have that beautiful view of a river out your front door? Bummer.

  3. I always enjoy your writing, no matter the subject.

  4. Reginald Dyche Says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your musings since I discovered this blog a year or so back. Thanks also for introducing me to Jack Plane. Glad to hear you haven’t lost the muse. Regards, Reggie Dyche


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