Bannister back finds cozy corner


The bannister back chair is completed (for all intents and purposes).  The finish sequence was; medium walnut oil stain, two coats of one pound shellac, van dyke glaze, two more coats of shellac and a final coat of Waterlox.  The seat is woven sea grass and after a little adjusting with a fid and a sharp knife, I’ll give it a wash coat of shellac, as well.  Our home looks more and more like a museum with each passing day.

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3 Comments on “Bannister back finds cozy corner”

  1. Pud Says:

    Sharing the pics and play by play is great but, the question from all your followers is…”when are you going to open a retail offering”???

  2. Looks great, Dennis. Really enjoyed following along on this one. And you did your own caning too. Very nice.

  3. John Kissel Says:

    Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing

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