So long Buddy

Yesterday wasn’t a good day.  Our old Golden Retriever, Wu Ming had to be put down.  He, like many Goldens, succumbed to hemangio sarcoma.  He answered to many names.  But usually it was simply “Boy.”

Wu Ming was born in Beijing China and emigrated to the US when he was about a year and a half old. For a long time he understood his commands in Chinese only, but ultimately he became bilingual.  It would be hard to imagine a more gentle being.  He was an extraordinarily good listener and never criticized.  He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him.





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9 Comments on “So long Buddy”

  1. mrogen Says:

    I’m so, so sorry for your loss. He’s beautifu.

  2. Carroll Says:

    So sorry you lost your friend! Rest in a well deserved peace, Wu Ming.

  3. Jack Plane Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you lost a good friend and companion – the older we grow, the harder they are to replace.

  4. larry Says:

    the only time you ever brought me to tear, sorry for your loss dennis. larry

  5. Site Says:

    Truly sorry for your loss, I understand how deeply it can hurt. Dogs unlike people are good at heart and only want to please and be loved, prayers are with you .

  6. Tico Vogt Says:

    Feeling for you.

  7. Coisas EM'adeira Says:

    Our youngest member of the family is also a Golden Retriever – Cristal. He’s almost 10 years old now!
    So this post was hard to read.
    So I’m sorry for your lost.

  8. rondennis303 Says:

    God be with you. And remember, dog is God spelled backwards. He too will always be with you.

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