Slow and steady, wins the race?

Having no deadline is not, necessarily, a good thing.  Yes, it’s nice not to answer those calls from customers wanting to know where “I’m at” on their projects.  But when you’re doing something for your own consumption, it’s easy to get “side tracked.”  Such is the case with the chest of drawers I’ve been working on for the quite some time.  The good news is, I’m making progress, after a fashion.

The drawers are all “roughed in.”


The drawer bottoms have been left scrubbed as the backboards (ceilings) will be.  (Cabinet makers and Carpenters working with hand tools would rarely finish plane surfaces that weren’t registers (reference datum) or show wood.)


So, now all I have to do is glue the carcass together, nail up the base moulding, install upper kickers, dye and apply the cockbeading, manufacture the top, stain and finish everything and install the hardware…

Maybe it’ll be done in time for Christmas (BTW, I missed the last Christmas deadline).

Obviously, the tortoise had no deadlines either.  Good old Aesop.

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4 Comments on “Slow and steady, wins the race?”

  1. Jack Plane Says:

    Yes, retirement can be a mixed blessing.

    What thickness of cockbeading is going around the drawers? The rebates look quite large.

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      Hello Jack. The rebate is fairly deep but the cockbeading is just 3/16″ in thickness. I’m cheating a bit by not running the top bead the full thickness of the drawer front. I chose to take the “easy way out.” Good to hear from you.

  2. Matt McGrane Says:

    That scrubbed look is pretty cool anyway. A tell tale sign of a “hand made” piece. Made me wonder if any mass manufactures ever did that (or something similar) purposely to make people think their items were hand made.

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      Nothing would surprise me. My wife says I’m a curmudgeon. I prefer to think of myself as a realist.

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