Old dogs, New tricks – continued

Finishing touches are being completed.  The slab is receiving several (three to four) coats of 1 pound cut shellac (super blonde) which will act as a sealer.  After a final “rubbing”, a good waxing will be applied. Several butterflies were inlaid to to stop checks.  The butterflies were made from Swiss Pear, which is extra-ordinarily fine grained and tough.  Also, it’s very similar in color to the Bocote sapwood, when finished.


We departed from our normal method of inlaying by hand and opted to use a commercial template and a Whiteside “inlaying” kit to make the mortises and butterflies.  A word of caution:  make sure that you double check the set up when changing from mortising to cutting the inlays.  Enough said!

The base has really exceeded our expectations in terms of stability.  The use of sliding dovetails to join the short, lower stretchers to the main, lower stretcher has help to create a very strong, rigid structure while maintaining a “light” look.  The base, which is ash, will be finished with four coats of “rubbed” Boiled linseed oil (the first being thinned with turpentine).  The BLO gives the ash a lovely golden color.


In a week or so, we’ll be ready to assemble the top and put this table to work, standing guard in the hallway.  For anyone who’s curious about dimensions, the table height is 30″

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2 Comments on “Old dogs, New tricks – continued”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Awesome Piece, Love the Nakashima Influence

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