Sucked back in

I’m retired.  I revel in the fact that I no longer have to deal with deadlines.  No meetings to attend.  I do what I want, when I want.  But every once in a while I allow myself to be sucked back in to the workaday world of restoration, nice guy that I am.

A good friend called me several weeks ago and said that after searching for months, he could find no one who could repair a large French door installation in his home built in 1836.  I told him that I’d take a look at the project and if a friend of mine was available to assist I’d give it a “go.”  Well, my friend and fellow restoration carpenter, Chad (of Woodchoppin’ fame) said he could lend a hand for a couple of days, so we jumped on the project.

Sash work is probably my least favorite thing to do.  It’s finicky work at best.  Handling big sashes full of brittle old glass is always tricky, especially when frames are severely damaged.


The repair involved “scarfing in” new stock to rebuild the stiles.


The next step was to manufacture and fit a new bottom rail into the frame.  This required a “slip” mortise and tenon so we could avoid having to completely dissemble the sash.  Thank goodness for my old Stanley 45.  After searching through boxes of router bits, I found that the only profile which matched the existing one was the sash iron from the 45.



After a little “finagling” (and the judicious use of small amounts of Durhams Water Putty), the sash was back together, ready to be re-installed and stand up to NW Ohio weather for another fifty years.


I’m headed back to the shop, back to retirement.  And please, no more sash work!


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2 Comments on “Sucked back in”

  1. Robb Smith Says:

    I think it was very nice of you to repair the door but it looks to me like someone ignored their responsibilty to maintaining their property until it turned into your emergency to repair.

  2. larry Says:

    dennis a little sash never hurt anyone !

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