Post and rung high chair – a different approach

Les and I started the High Chair project a number of months ago.  We decided to take two different approaches to fitting and assembly.  The first method was the exclusive use of hand tools.  The second was the incorporation of fixturing that allowed for the use of power tools.  My hand tool version was completed first.  I opted for a finish that resulted in a “new chair” built in an old fashioned manner.  My grand children have christened it with a number of foodstuffs and it has proven to be quite robust.

Copy (1) of 004_1

Les decided to give his chair a distressed finish and the result is a piece that looks like it’s right out of 17th or 18th century.  He used a fairly straight forward method of applying oil paint, then wiping to produce wear areas.  A simple method used to create a spectacular result.


Whereas I had elected a simple square seat plan which simplified the rush weaving process, Les “upped the ante” a bit with a trapezoidal plan and arms angled upward aft.  It’s a great look.

I’ll post a “final” photo.  But be patient.  Remember we work slowly.


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