Fini – Finally

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It’s hard to see, due to the limits of photographic technology, but this little chair is constructed on an 8° included angle (front to back, side to side).  Paralax views, or something like that.  BTW, this is the second rush seat I have ever weaved.  I weaved the first about two hours before the second.  Not as easy as one might think.  Okay!  Movin’ on to the next adventure.


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2 Comments on “Fini – Finally”

  1. Jack Plane Says:

    A little gem!

    From this distance the seat looks more like marram grass than rush.

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      Right, you are. Our local supplier bills this as Sea Grass. This material is widely used in basketry in the Southeastern US (Coastal). It’s available in several diameters. My only complaint is that it is very tightly wound (looks almost as if it had been made as one would make rope) and, as a result, tends to kink badly. More annoyance than huge problem. Rush would certainly have been more correct. I’m scouring local rush beds in case of future seating needs. I suspect corn husks would be another authentic material. But as we have patented our maze here in the US, I may have to consult with my attorney to determine potential infringement problems associated with that product. It’s getting harder and harder to maintain authenticity! Good on ye.

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