The art of gentle persuasion

My friend, Jack Plane, noted that I had displayed a somewhat unusual tool in my recent post about Unfinished Work.  Those of you who are familiar with Jack know that he is a woodworker par excellence, possesses an incredible depth of knowledge about the history of furniture and all things antiquarian.  And the terms sui generis and nonpareil would be completely appropriate when describing the man and his work.  I’m sure that Jack would agree that every woodworker needs to develop the skill of gently persuading projects into their appropriate final forms, especially if there are a lot of holes and stretchers, angles and so forth.  That said, one must be careful to use the appropriate tool and not “over do”.   Remember, discretion is the better part of valor.


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2 Comments on “The art of gentle persuasion”

  1. Jack Plane Says:

    That’s my boy!

    Wood has never proved a match for an adroitly wielded assembly tool.

  2. I persuaded some 5″ long, 1/2″ drawbore pins with a very similar tool recently.

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