A Gallery of Unfinished Work

Some time ago I wrote a post in which I bemoaned the fact that I had too many unfinished projects and I was getting quite tired of “tripping over them.”  A reader asked if I’d show a few of them (probably to determine the depth of my procrastination).  I was talking with Les and he agreed that, as we are now “men of leisure” (retired) and no longer driven by the profit motive, it’s very easy to concentrate on the aspects of woodworking that we really enjoy, while subordinating the more mundane, all at the expense of project completion.  So in something of a “confession” we decided that we’d both show the world how easy it is for a couple of old guys to get distracted.  (I’m secretly hoping that this will be the impetus for a renewal of the discipline required to get these project out of the shops, finally!)

Obviously, we’re not going to run out of work anytime soon.  That said, I’ll leave you with two parting thoughts:  Getting older is not for the faint hearted.  Finish one thing before you start another.

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5 Comments on “A Gallery of Unfinished Work”

  1. forbeskm Says:

    I try to keep myself to under 3 primary projects at once. It is so easy to start on the next one…

  2. Jack Plane Says:

    I note the paltry assembly tool on the floor behind the partially completed doll highchair. I presume construction of the chair will resume once a suitably larger assembly tool becomes available.

    • Les Elsie Says:

      Dear Colleague,

      At the behest of Monsieur Jack Plane please remove our tool of last resort from future pics. There is too much wear evident on the tool and its prominence in the shop does not speak well of our work despite its use.

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      You are correct sir. That particular tool is reserved for only the most minute “final” adjustments (being only an 8 pounder). I’ve been looking for a 16, something that could be used during the fit-up phase. The impact of a well designed assembly tool simply can’t be overstated.

  3. larry porter Says:

    dennis , just who will you get to swing a 16 lb hammer ?

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