A Great Shave (requires no foam or gel)

Pardon me for obsessing.  But I haven’t been so excited about a traditional tool, that I could make in my own shop, since my friend, Jim Crammond, taught me about making travishers several years ago.  Of course, I’m talking about the pjål (pronounced somewhere between pill and peel.)  This is the simplest of tools.  But, it offers incredible versatility.  Pjåls can be used for doing rough work like a scrub plane, smoothing or detail work like a moulding plane.  It is a devilishly clever tool.  Given all that, the pjål is one of those tools that has the sculpted look of an art piece.  I’ve taken the liberty of pulling all the pics I could find on-line to create a small gallery.

The traditional carpenters (tradisjonelle snekkere) at Stiklestad have just posted another excellent video showing the use of a moulding pjål in use.

I think we’ll be seeing more information about methods of making and using the pjål in upcoming months.

If you’re interested in making your own pjål, but don’t have the capability (or desire) to fabricate your own irons, there are several traditional smiths who may be sources:

Øystein Myhre

Mattias Helje

Jon Dahlmo

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One Comment on “A Great Shave (requires no foam or gel)”

  1. […] andre har møbelsnekkeren og bloggeren Dennis Laney har tatt en opp interessen for pjålen som aktivt verktøy, og argumenterer for termen hollowing […]

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