Sometimes, things just happen

I’m not big on working from plans.  There are many reasons why.  But one reason is that frequently I’ll get interested in the process of making a particular feature and then, after watching that feature gather dust for a period of time, I decide to incorporate it into a piece of furniture.  Quite some time ago I made a set of ogee bracket feet, departing a little from the most conventional methods of putting them together.  I secured the feet to a frame and have, quite literally, been tripping over it for…maybe two years.  The frame and feet have been setting next to a window for so long that they have become sun bleached.  (They’ll require a little walnut husk stain to put them in order.)


So, a couple of months ago I decided that the whole kitandkaboodle was either going to be pitched or made into something useful.  This is the beauty of “case on frame” cabinetmaking.  You can make a whole bunch of stuff using standard components, 18th century, mix and match construction.  First it was going to be a tall bookcase.  But it quickly became clear that the feet were so large that any bookcase made with them would be uncomfortably deep.  “Too deep” bookcases are just “not cool”.  Then I weighed the possibility of a sixty inch high chest of drawers.


My wife asked a truly pertinent question, where are we going to put another chest of drawers?  Alright.  Good question.  I mean, we’re at that part of our lives where we’re preoccupied with “lightening our load”.  So what else could I make out of this stuff?  We could certainly use a new TV stand.  Nah, too big.  Well, how about a piece that could used for dining accessories and linens (along with myriad “other stuff”)?  That may be the answer.  Drawers.  Drawers.  But not a high chest.  Okay.  Maybe some kind of commode.  Simple enough.  Cut down the sides.  Couple of rails to hold the thing together “in the dry” and give me a little time to think.


Hmm…three sets of rails, some drawer bearers, got some pine for a ship-lap dust ceiling.  Could do flush drawers with cockbeads or just some easy, “self-stopping” lipped drawers.  Maybe a little stringing here and there.  I mean the possibilities are limitless.  Hey, I could drop a small block V-8 in this puppy, jack up the ass on top of a 456 rear end and, bingo, I’m off to the races!  Well, on further consideration…

Let’s see what it becomes.  If nothing else, we’re entering the “bonfire” season and I know from past experience that walnut burns clean and bright.  But, something tells me that things just might work out.

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2 Comments on “Sometimes, things just happen”

  1. Millers Pond Pottery pottery Says:

    Send it to SC…after this weekend, maybe send it to TN.

  2. larry porter Says:

    dennis, after looking at the enlarged pictures I think I saw in the back ground several electric cords ! can this be true ? larry

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