As I mentioned in my last post, I asked Jack Plane for his opinion about the pedigree of the “interesting little table” and he was kind enough to do so.  Jack concluded that:

“The table is a conglomeration of Jacobean-esque features. It was made between the wars; the obvious clue being the insipid machined incising on the stretchers. Still, it would make a useful little table and if the stretchers were more appropriately proportioned and hand carved, could be attractive too.”

I mentioned to Jack that I was thinking of building a similar table from curly maple and asked if, in his experience, that species was ever seen in English furniture of that period.  I also ask him how the stretchers could be improved:

“narrower stretchers would be preferable. Curly maple doesn’t appear in English furniture of any period (there’s bound to be an anomaly lurking in an attic somewhere to make a liar of me). I would be inclined to continue the tradition with oak; oak really was de rigueur for joyned furniture.”

So after a little consideration, I’ve decided to use the curly maple as the table will be “in the Jacobean style” , I won’t be replicating a true period piece.  The project will provide an opportunity to experiment a with a few finishing techniques that are now a little “out of the ordinary” like chemical dying and blending some homemade varnish.  It should be fun.

I want to thank Jack for his help.  And, as always, I encourage anyone reading this blog to take advantage of the amazing wealth of knowledge that Jack shares on his own blog,  Jack’s knowledge of the Art and Antique world is incredible. His sense of the “warp and woof” of history is first rate.  One only needs to look through the Image Galleries at Pegs and Tails to immediately recognize that Jack is a Master Craftsman.  And Jack does everything with his own inimitable style.





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