Gunnar’s Lifeboat

Roald Renmælmo suggested that I might view a Norske TV program about Gunnar Eldjarn, a local traditional boatbuilder in Roald’s region.  Roald explained that Gunnar’s son had been killed in Afghanistan three years ago, and that the film showed some of Gunnar’s work on traditional long boats.

I watched the film and though I couldn’t understand a word that was being said, I understood everything.  Having three adult children, two sons and a daughter and being a veteran myself, I can only imagine that depth of a father’s heartache at the loss of a child, especially in a foreign war.  Seeing, Gunnar Eldjarn at work in his shop reminded me of the recreative and redeeming power of work and the solace and comfort that a craft, well practiced, can provide.  I hope that you’ll take thirty minutes out of your day and watch this program.

Just one last thought.  We in the United States would do well to remember that we have many allies who share in trying to make this world a more secure place and their losses are no greater than our own.

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One Comment on “Gunnar’s Lifeboat”

  1. millcrek Says:

    Thank you for posting this.

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