Skottbenk equals sticking board – Big sticking board

This is a typical situation with a "skottbenk" used with at "skottokse" (the handplane) for shooting the edgde of a long board. Photo: Roald Renmælmo

Roald Renmælmo posted this photo today on Norsk Skottbenk Union, and graciously allowed me to re-use it.  Roald and his associates are doing great research into traditional work methods from Northern Europe, especially Norway.  His post describes the skottbenk as a Jointing Bench, Shooting Bench or Sticking Board.  Ah!  The light went off in my head – Sticking board!  That immediately explains it’s use to anyone coming from the English-American tradition.  It is one big sticking board.  I’m surprised that these benches were not commonly used in the U.S., especially in the Upper Midwest, in the large Scandinavian American Communities.  Maybe they were and there simply isn’t much about them in current woodworking literature.  If anyone can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.

Roald and his associates also provide more general information about workholding methods at  I’m looking forward to following their research.  And I’ll try to get Roald to share more information about the specialized “two man” planes used in his part of the world.  Thanks for the Internet, so we can learn more about the past.  How ironic.

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2 Comments on “Skottbenk equals sticking board – Big sticking board”

  1. Marius Moe Says:

    If you want to see a two man plane in action take a look at this Swedish silent documentary from 1923 in the open archive of Swedish national television:
    The documentary is about wood crafts in the swedish countryside.

  2. […] terms to English. Dennis wrote a new entry on his blog to explain how this skottbenk works: Skottbenk equals sticking board – Big sticking board. He has also made a later post: Murphy’s law, spring joints […]

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