Kitchen “take-over”

The wind is howling.  The snow continues to drift here in northwest Ohio.  The little workshop is frigid.  The only thing flying today are the geese.  They must not have gotten the message.


There’s only one thing to do on a day like today.  Take over the kitchen.  While major woodworking operations have been temporarily suspended, I can still satisfy my need to make a mess in one of the warmer parts of this old house.


And many of the more important creature comforts are just an arm’s length away.

It’s no wonder the Scandinavians are renowned for their carving.  With just a couple of hours of sunlight and sub-zero temperatures for half of the year, what could be better than just “whittling away your day”?

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3 Comments on “Kitchen “take-over””

  1. Dustin Says:

    Thought for sure I would see handmade qtr sawn oak base cabinets and a Walnut End Butcher block? Is cabinet in background made of butternut?

  2. I have a small shop in the dining nook of my apartment. During the winter months I do all my carving indoors. This is traditionally how our fathers spent the winter months; The whole family doing handcrafts around the stove.

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