A sacrificial table for sheet stock

Not so terribly long ago, I depended on my tools to earn “my daily bread”.  I did a lot of high-end “built-in” work.


One essential tool for that type of work was the portable, and very sacrificial cutting table that I used on the job sites to cut sheet stock to size for assembly on site.  It’s very simple, made from 2, 1″x6″x8′ and 2, 1″x4″x8′ put together with bridle joints.  It’s strong, light, extremely portable and cheap.  By simply “sighting in” and raising just one corner, you have a plane work surface.


I don’t use it frequently and my old site table is cut up and painted up and parts of the members have been broken and lost, but it still functions as well as ever.  Many times the simplest tool is the most effective.  It’s great to have when you’ve got to cut or join big stock.  And, when it’s not in use, I can store it under the bed (in a pinch – don’t mention it to my wife).


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2 Comments on “A sacrificial table for sheet stock”

  1. Dustin H Says:

    What man that specializes in perfect hand cut joinery uses store bought sawhorses!?!

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      Everyone has a bit of a “dark side”, a bit of history tucked away. And, believe me, you don’t feel so bad when you accidentally cut through a horse that’s made with framing lumber and carriage bolts.

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