Done at last, done at last



After an extraordinarily long construction time, the new coffee table is in and the old coffee table is out.  Thank Goodness!!!  The double radius, “grand child proof” corners were (strongly) suggested by the Grandma who lives here and they give a somewhat “period” look to the piece.

The cherry top was finished as follows:

–  50/50 BLO/Turpentine, 1 coat

–  General Finishes Warm Cherry oil stain, 1 coat

–   50/50 Behlen’s Rock Hard Table top Varnish (original), naptha, 1 coat

–  Behlen’s Burnt Umber glaze, 1 coat to deepen edge details, but applied over entire surface, then judiciously wiped

–  50/50 Behlen’s Rock Hard Table top Varnish (original), naptha, 2 coats

–  Waterlox Original Medium Sheen, 2 coats

–  Mylands Paste wax

The varnishes were laid in very thin coats and wiped immediately.  My goal here was to create a very durable finish, as this particular table will see a lot of use.  However, it seems that I just can’t do a simple finish.  Although, I’m not sure that there really is anything like a “simple finish”.

An important lesson learned is, that when photographing furniture, make sure to wipe all the fingerprints off, especially off of highly reflective ebonized surfaces.


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