Porringer with a couple of twists

Mary recently told me that we needed a small table for the computer printer.  I immediately recognized a justification to build yet one more table that we don’t need.  These opportunities are becoming fewer and farther between.  So I decided that a little porringer table might be a nice support for the new printer.  But, frankly, I’m a little tired of most porringer designs.  They all seem to have these huge ear like protuberances at the corners.  I decided to “soften” the standard design a bit.  This is what I came up with…

1/4 sawn red oak cross-banding - French polished top - Red Zin...

I remembered that I had turned a set of legs about a year ago and stashed them somewhere on the wood pile.  So I “dug” them out and went to work.  I needed something strong but delicate looking.  Remember, porringer tables were the “TV tables” of the 18th century.  After a coat of BLO, a coat of black oil, couple of coats of shellac and French polishing the top, you wind up with a pretty nice printer stand…

This ought to bring a little more at the “final estate” sale than something nailed together from 2x’s and plywood.

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One Comment on “Porringer with a couple of twists”

  1. Jamie Bacon Says:

    That’s a beautiful piece. Such a light look with those long legs. Love the cross banding and the candle slide. Nice work!

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