You think YOUR Job is Tough?


Anyone who has ever done any trim carpentry (or “fitting”, for some of our readers) knows that fitting base (or mop board, if you’re old enough) is a miserable job.  More often than not, this is one of first tasks given to apprentices.  It not only allows the youngsters the opportunity to practice their coping skills, it keeps the oldsters off their knees.  And we all know that the knees are the second thing to go.

I’ve seen many similar illustrations in old joinery books.  But I wonder how many have noticed the “plough” in the floor.  How’d you like to be the lucky fellow who was given the task of ploughing that groove around, let’s say, a fairly large dining room, before the introduction of powered tools?  Hmm…. maybe the old days weren’t always that great.  It’s interesting to me that you rarely see a picture of an overweight carpenter, joiner, millwright or other brothers of the trades much before about 1950.  Is there a connection here?

So the next time you want to start whining about how tough your job is and how hard you work, consider…

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