Spring pole lathe details

The most popular topic on this blog, over the past few years, has been my spring pole lathe.  It is a heavy duty version of Roy Underhill’s German style lathe.  It is very rigid and stable, quite capable of doing large work.  Hope these detail shots will help anyone who decides to build a reciprocating, foot-powered lathe.  You’ll become a better turner for your efforts.

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6 Comments on “Spring pole lathe details”

  1. Ron Says:

    Very nice pole lathe!

  2. Jamie Bacon Says:

    That’s a great looking lathe. I really like the treadle assembly.

  3. Bob Easton Says:

    Wonderfully made, and like others, I find the treadle both artistically beautiful as well as functional. It was long ago when I read your original postings about this lathe and I no longer remember one aspect. … How is it finished? oil, shellac, something else?

  4. forwoodnesssake Says:

    This is an under-slung spring lathe. No pole involved.

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