Walnuts on Elm – Credit where credit is due – Check out Pegs and Tails

Brother Jack Plane recently built a Irish Elm Dressing Table (Be sure to read all of the posts about this project).  He finished it with “Van Dyke Crystals” (a product of Walnuts, as I understand it) and oil.  Elm is usually not seen as one of the finer furniture woods in the United States.  But, apparently, in the UK and Ireland, Elm is one of the standard species.  Maybe we can make a push for bringing this tough, reliable wood into a new found popularity as a case wood.

BTW, if you’re not reading Jack’s blog, you’re missing out.  It’s full of information that ranges from the practical to the arcane.  And you’ll have to go a long way to find a more entertaining blog.  Put it on your favorites list.

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One Comment on “Walnuts on Elm – Credit where credit is due – Check out Pegs and Tails”

  1. millcrek Says:

    Elm was actually used quite often in the US during the late Victorian and early 20th century. Many red elm pieces are mistaken for oak. The main reason it’s not used here much any more is Dutch Elm disease.

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