The beauty of the Emmert’s Vise

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Here’s the reason folks love the Emmert’s Patternmaker’s Vise:

Straight hold on a cabriole leg

Rotating the vise up to 360 degrees

“Tilting” the vise up to 90 degrees

Holding a taper (an auxiliary jaw allows vertical holding of even greater tapers)

Holding above the jaws with dogs

Reversing the dogs makes holding rounds and irregular shapes a simple task

This is why I went to all the trouble.  For anyone doing work that requires the ability to hold the workpiece in many different positions to facilitate hand work, the Emmert’s vise is a thing of rare beauty.

Just a few more details and the bench will be ready for service; tail vise, storage shelf, tool tray and rack.  This thing might weigh 450 before it’s all said and done….

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4 Comments on “The beauty of the Emmert’s Vise”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Love my Emmert clone as well. I have mine attached to a my clunker workbench, and am not sure I will move it over to my “good” bench when the materials for that project are dry. I keep thinking I’ll be hosed when I have to flatten a bench with the Emmert in it. Not to rain on the new bench parade, but any ideas for dealing with the unique mounting when flattening day arrives?

    • Peter Travis Says:

      About future flattenings- I purposely mounted my clone a bit deep (1/8″) to allow for more to be taken off. Just remove vise-flatten- replace vise. Doesn’t seem to get in the way. But my bench is laminated SYP, so if its too bad I can replace it cheaply.

  2. Hi. I was wondering if you still enjoy using the patternmaker’s vise after these few years?

    I like my quick release vise a fair amount, but ache when I have curved and tapered pieces to work on.

    Thanks for the blog,

    Jonathan Wright

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