The Lowboy’s Progress

Wow, the Lowboy’s Progress!  That sounds like something that should have been written by an author with a name like Christopher Marlowe or some other very anglo, puritanical sounding kind of handle.  But this is just about a piece of furniture.

Over the years I’ve noticed that clients and spouses, alike, always seem to think that I should be able to produce things much more quickly than I do.  There are times that I begin to doubt myself and think that, perhaps, they’re right.  This phenomena takes hold at times like when I quoting a project.  Maybe I am too slow.  Maybe I’m just not organized enough.  Maybe I should be able to make this piece for the same price that it can be purchased from Ikea.  Then I come back to reality.  Very few spouses or clients know all the stuff that goes into making a piece of fine furniture.  Here’s an example;

This is just part of the supporting structure for the drawers in the lowboy.  It’s all mortised and tenoned together, then fit and re-fit.  It all takes time and it usually goes unnoticed.  In fact many times I forget about it.  Whoops, there goes the profit.

This is why it takes time.  But this is why traditionally built, fine furniture will last hundreds of years.

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One Comment on “The Lowboy’s Progress”

  1. Carroll Says:

    Speaking of time that you put into quality furniture like this piece, I noticed the time you posted this entry! Another thing that goes unnoticed is the creative, artistic ability of the creator of such pieces. Just like a fine oil painting, the artistry and craftsmanship of woodworkers is a talent that needs to be better recognized and valued!

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