What kind of animal is a Trifid?

First, what’s the correct pronunciation?  Is it trifid with a long “i”?  Or, is it trifid with a short “i”?  Well, Dictionary.com says the correct pronunciation is with the long “i” – like “try fid”.  Okay, we’ve got that part out of the way.

Alright, what’s trifid mean?  Well, going back to the word’s Latin roots we find that it means “divided in three”.  So, an animal with three toes has trifid feet, right?   ………..Hmmmn…..I can’t think of any animals that have feet with three toes, can you?  Okay…some folks refer to Trifid feet as Drake’s feet.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here’s the foot that I’ll be using on the painted lowboy I’m building.  It’s a pretty, classic trifid design.  But would you call it a Drake’s foot?  Eh…

Now here’s a duck’s foot from another part of the animal kingdom.  And, I do believe that  its design is a little more relevant to the result that I’m trying to accomplish.

One thing I’ve learned from this experience is that, ash is a great material and currently it is abundant.  For baseball bats, hurling and hockey sticks and other sporting apparatuses, it is unparalleled.  But low cost and abundance does not, necessarily, make a species easy to carve.  On the contrary!  Clearly, posts on sharpening carving tools will follow.

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