A GREAT BLOG (and more)

There are a lot of blogs about woodworking.  There are blogs written by folks who can best be described as wonks.  These folks enjoy getting as deep in the weeds of information as they possibly can.  There are blogs that are written by experienced, competent craftsman who have a desire to share that experience, as good stewardship demands.  And, of course, there are blogs written by folks who simply enjoy the sound of their own typing.

But, once in a while you come across a blog that is truly special. Pegs and Tails written by Mr. Jack Plane (surely a nom de plume), is a lively mix of history, art, antiquarian information and Mr. Plane’s excellent craftsmanship in the realm of English historic furniture reproduction.  I would advise all of my readers (especially the most experienced woodworkers) to spend a little time with Mr. Plane.  I believe that you’ll agree with me that it is time well spent. 

Jack’s blogroll will offer you a link to the National Trusts blog.  Take the time, take a look.  There are still countless treasures to be seen.

Back soon with some woodworking.

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