Splayed leg Roubo nears the finish line

Well it’s really been a “slog”.  But, finally, it looks like I may finish the little Underhill style workbench before much more time passes.  The bench has a diminutive look to it.  But, in fact, it’s nearly seven feet long.  It’s thirty six inches high, which tends to make it look a little shorter than it really is.  Right at the moment the leg vise is just hanging by a thread, so to speak.

The end vise is massive.  This design could certainly be used as a front vise, as well.  However, I decided to use a leg vise in front and keep the location of the screw low.  This will allow me to join wide boards without having to stand on tiptoe.

There are still a lot of details to finish.  Then, of course there is “the finish” which will be BLO, Turpentine and Urethane.  It’ll be a while yet, but I’m getting there.

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One Comment on “Splayed leg Roubo nears the finish line”

  1. LARRY Says:

    oh let us be joyful,if i can stay out of a draft or keep from walking in front of a truck, i just may get to see it finished! unless of course dennis wanders far afield again! all jokes aside it looks great !!!!!!! make me one just like it ! please !!!!!!!!!!!!! larry

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