Cabriole table – Finished (at last)!

Here it is, complete.  Just a couple of words about the finish.  The base has four coats of Waterlox Medium sheen tung oil varnish.  After the final coat was dry, I gave it the “Wigwam” buff process (one of my old ragg wool socks).  In a day or two, I’ll give it a coat of “bowling alley” wax.

The top had about ten, very thin coats of the same Waterlox.  Using 0000 Steel wool and Murphy’s Oil Soap, I rubbed out the varnish.  Then I hit it with a really “hard buffed” coat of “bowling alley’ wax.  After that I laid on a coat of Williamsville polish, to introduce a little oil; then another coat of the hard stuff.  The top looked like it was “ten thousand feet deep”.  It was beautiful!  Then I noticed some tiny sanding scratches that I had missed.  Took the top back to the shop.  Put the finest edge that I could on my very best scraper and proceded to remove the uppermost coats of finish from the major portion of the top.  Then I sanded with 320 grit Abranet cloth.  After a coat of Waterlox, it became apparent that the scratches were gone.  A couple more coats and it will be better than before.  Wow, the stuff you have to do to maintain your integrity!  But it was worth it.  On to the next adventure.

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2 Comments on “Cabriole table – Finished (at last)!”


    dennis ,is this to be one of your practice pieces,that you will leave in the scrap box for burning ? is so i would be glad to let my wife burn it as a candle stand in the living room! i hope it has a flaw somewhere,as i hate to think of you as perfect! tongue firmly in cheek! it is very very nice! larry

  2. Carroll Says:

    Stunning! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), as grandchildren start arriving, you will have more opportunity to fine tune your refinishing techniques.

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