Nomenclature Correction

I want to make something clear.  Les reminded me that the term “ear” we’ve been throwing around while talking about making cabriole legs is a colloquialism that is native only to an extremely small area of NW Ohio, mainly his workshop, my workshop and, perhaps, one or two others.  The more widely  recognized  and correct terminology, (though needlessly long and not all that definitive) is knee block.  So, with apologies to any who have been offended, I pledge to be more attentive to nomenclature in future writings.  But, in truth, the thought of ears attached to knees just makes me want to chuckle.

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One Comment on “Nomenclature Correction”

  1. Paul Kemner Says:

    Of course, grasshoppers have ears on their legs!

    So it’s a grasshopper table!

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