Finishing up the Cabriole Legs

Theres been adequate time for the glue joints to cure fully and now we’re ready to start shaping the first set of ears.  First I “eyeball” the final curve that I want to create.  I take off the bulk of the waste stock on the bandsaw (coping or bowsaw can be used as well).  Then I move to the bench and begin shaping with the rasp, in this case a no. 9 Ariou (a Nicholson 50 works almost as well).

Remember to file toward the leg post.  This will minimize the amount of pressure on the ear.  After blending the profiles, re-position the leg and “fair” the lower curve.

After minimal sanding, we’ve got one side of the leg nearly complete.

Final sanding will be completed after the table is assembled.  Now it’s back to the bench to glue the ears on the opposite sides of the legs.  We’ll follow the same procedure that we used to put the first set of ears in place.

Remember the “rub” joint.  After the ears are in place, remove the rail and set the leg aside and allow the glue joint adequate time to cure.

Then you can finish shaping the leg.   The next step is the assembly and finishing of the table that these legs were made for.

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