Bill Carter – Planemaker Extraordinaire – Part Two

I ran out of time and space yesterday.  But there’s a few more things that I wanted to mention about Bill Carter’s planes.

Obviously, Bill is a master with metals.  But he seems to be awfully comfortable with wood as the medium, as well.  Proof of this proposition can be seen below in this beautiful mitre plane – QED.

We don’t see many of these on this “side of the pond”.  But the aspiring planemaker who ventures to Bill’s site will probably be able to glean enough information from the techniques area to put one of these beauties together.  I can only imagine how wonderful this plane must be to use.  I’m sure I’ll be diggin’ my floats and scrapers out before too long.

I’m not gonna waste any more space with words.  I’m just going to show you more of Mr. Carter’s plane.  Call it an homage (OO-maage, as the French would say) to Bill’s work.  Enjoy.

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One Comment on “Bill Carter – Planemaker Extraordinaire – Part Two”

  1. Ron Says:

    Great blog! I realy like the post on vice screws

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