Bill Carter – Planemaker Extraordinaire

I first saw photos of Bill Carter’s work more than a decade ago.  I was amazed then and I’m even more amazed now.  If you’ve never seen a Carter plane, you’re in for a treat.  Carter is a craftsman who can stand toe to toe with the likes of Konrad Sauer and Karl Holtey and hold his own.  But most importantly, Bill Carter is an artist.

Here’s one of Bill’s jointers, which, in his own judgement, might the most decorative infill plane he has ever built.

Detail of one of the many "Cupid's Bows" hand filed into the plane's sole

There are some really fine planemakers in the world today.  And the example above clearly proves that Bill is one of them.  But, to me, it’s the smaller planes which Bill Carter produces that are simply incredible.  Much of Bill’s material is salvaged from things like backsaw spines and old irons appear to be as useful as ever.  Simply look at a few of these planes. You’ll be amazed by the balance, beauty, purpose and sheer whimsy of these tools.

Check out those dovetails

Do yourself a big favor and go to Bill’s website.  There’s a lot of history and technique.  You’ll be glad you made the visit.

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