Happy New Year

We’ll be getting back to work on the cabriole leg/Queen Anne table project in the next few days.  But there’s still a little afterglow going on, leftover from the holidays.  The pineapple finial that showed up a few articles ago made its way to the top of my neighbor’s newel post (circa 1870) and it fit in quite nicely.  In fact, it got “dressed up” for the celebrations.

Also in January we’ll be talking about some different turning tool choices (and a couple of new tools) for the spring pole lathe.  So stay tuned…  And, once again, Happy New Year.

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3 Comments on “Happy New Year”

  1. Carroll Says:

    Beautiful match to the staircase! It will look beautiful without all the Christmas decorations. Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Jessica van Voorhees Says:

    Beautiful! We have a tricky 1905 newel post, because it has a convex curve (like a hill) at the top, with a missing finial. It needs a rounded-bottom finial, and all we can find are flat-bottomed ones. Would you make another one for sale?

    • D.B. Laney Says:

      Thank you. This particular finial was done for a very good friend, made from walnut to match the original 1875 newel. I’d be happy to look what you have, so you might email an image. That said, you must understand that I am retired. I place a very high value on my time, as a result, my prices are quite high. I now do the work that I find interesting. With that in mind, forward the picture…who knows?

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