Making Wooden Screws – The Saga Continues

There’s a pretty good chance that if I would have charged myself $10/hour for my time, I could have paid for the two screws from Lake Erie Toolworks by now (maybe more).  But I’m havin’ fun and I do consider myself a bit of a woodworking historian.  So…I’m living history.

nut blank in place – tapping in progress

The nut being made above will replace the right hand support, thereby eliminating the temporary “lunette”.


right support replaced with permanent model

Alignment is critical.  At 2 2/2″ diameter, there is no “give”.  Lesson learned this morning; If threads are not filed absolutely evenly, they can be overstressed if there is the slightest misalignment.  The good news is, the screw works well even though two threads have chunks missing equal to about 1/5th of their circumference.

This screw is made from cherry.  It was what I had on hand, but it may not have been a great choice.  Something “tougher” like elm, hickory, apple or even sycamore (with it’s interlocking grain) are probably better choices.  When the threading “machine” is complete, I’ll try a few other species.  Stay tuned…

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