Those old colloquialisms

From time to time I remember many of the old sayings from my childhood.  Some, of course, shouldn’t be repeated in a public forum.  Some are very funny.  Some, extraordinarily sarcastic.  Many act as guideposts to influence a moral life.  All are full of unique wisdom.  Let me share a couple of examples.

From my Grandmother, when I had fallen short of some sort of expectation, “He will return like a thief in the night”.  That statement still fills me with dread, awe, and…some questions.  If a man with a gun knocks at the door, should I just let him in?  Does it mean that He could show up in my life at any time?  Like, is he watching me?  It would probably have been better if Grammy would have expanded on this thought a little more.

During those years that I was often in some teen-age malaise and couldn’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand, Gramps would be heard to say, “Looks like you’ve got the lungpuckeroo, boyo”.  I would, invariably respond, “What’s the lungpuckeroo, Gramps (still love the sound of that made up word)?”  Gramps would say, “That’s a disease that starts in your head, works its way down through your body and settles in your ass – so ye better start workin’ so it doesn’t take hold of ye”.

A good friend and one of the best carpenters I’ve ever worked with, noticed that I stood transfixed looking at a newel post that I was supposed to install.  I was having the equivalent of what writer’s call “white paper syndrome”.  This post was just such a darned pretty piece of lumber, that I just didn’t want to screw it up.  (No matter how many staircases you build, there’s always that little bit of apprehension.)  So finally my friend looks at me and with every bit of earnestness he can muster he say, “Dude, cut the damn thing.  They’re growin’ more of that stuff  in the woods, even as we speak”.  This had every bit as much impact on me as saying “the journey of a thousand leagues begins with but a single step”

If you have any favorite old “saws”, please feel free to share them.

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