Gadrooned – an undisciplined distraction

Okay.  I got up this morning.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  But, I’ve got to finish this little turning  job.  It’s a number of small trophy bases.  I’m running late (not unusual) and time is of the essence.  But I start thinking about one of Chris Pye’s books in which he discusses gadrooning.  Gadroons are these kind of bulbous appendages that  have no earthly reason for being, other than the fact that they look cool.  You see them a lot on Dutch Colonial furniture.  And, I’ve noticed them on a fair number of English Jacobean pieces.  So…I should be working.  But maybe I can sneak in a little practice.  I’d like to do a table or a joynt stool with gadrooned legs, but I want to give it a try first.  So I allow myself to be completely distracted.  I make what is nothing more than a little ring-box with decoration that reminds me of a proboscus monkey.  Oh well, you can’t be 100% disciplined all of the time.  When the muse has you in her sights, you just have to go along for the ride.  The good news is that once you figure out this carving pattern, it goes pretty quickly and it can lend a level of sophistication to a number of period styles.  Give it a try.  It was fun.  Of course, I’m gonna have to work twice as hard tomorrow. 

a "gadrooned" ring box in walnut - a small distraction

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