Sidewinder project update

“Coupe de fleur’, who in reality is friend, workmate and nationally recognized expert and author on Craftsman furniture, raised a question on the Sidewinder’s drive arrangement and whether or not I planned to use a tapered drive and a multi-diameter headstock pulley.  He also mentioned the possibility of a set up that would allow for the use of a shell auger.  Fact of the matter is that I am contemplating using a MT2 drive and some type of quill set up in the tailstock that will allow me to use a live center and permit me to thru-bore.  Still doing a little contemplating regarding the need for anything other than a single diameter headstock pulley.  Here’s a “cartoon” of the reeving pattern.  If anyone sees any obvious flaws, please let me know.

Also, I’d like to thank Roy Underhill.  I asked Roy if he was familiar with this style lathe and what he felt was the best material for the drive connection.  He responded the next day, identifying the machine as being very similar to the one on display in the Norwegian Folk Museum and, in his experience, round leather belting was the best choice for the drive connection.  Roy is a “national treasure” and he proves the old adage that if you need something done quickly, ask a busy person.  Thanks again.

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