Spooning up the scraps

"Spoonula" with several edges for scraping the mixing bowl and a chip-carved cone flower

Everyone recognizes that we’re beginning to experience real shortages of our most popular wood species.   My favorite is walnut.  Easy to work with, takes detail beautifully, walnut polishes to a brilliant finish with a warmth that few other species will ever rival.   I hate to waste even the smallest scrap. 

Well Charlie, fellow devotee of woodworking by hand, presented me with, at least, a partial solution to minimize my wasting of this precious resource – spoons.  People use ’em, people collect them, people love them.  As Charlie pointed out, it’s a very personal gift that is perfect for showing your gratitude to your host the next time you’re invited to dinner.  It’ll certainly last longer than a bottle of Merlot.  Your imagination is the only limiting factor.  Spoons can be straightforward and useful or complete flights of fancy.  You choose – all function or all form.  A happy medium is probably best (Did the Bhudda really say “it is always the middle path”?).

“Any road” (as they say in Yorkshire), waste not, want not, make spoons.

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